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Salted Caramel in Chocolate, Organic (1 pcs)


Organic bar made from coconut milk with salted...

Sales price: 40 Kč

Dark Chocolate, Organic (1 pcs)


Organic chocolate bar made from coconut milk...

Sales price: 30 Kč

Coconut Almond, Organic (1 pcs)


Organic coconut bar with choc coating and almonds...

Sales price: 40 Kč

Alsan margarine, Organic


Organic plant-based margarine (chilled product).

Sales price: 49 Kč

Cool Pack


Cool pack for keeping the right temperature of...

Sales price: 19 Kč

Vegan soy quark, Organic


Organic soy alternative quark (chilled product).

Sales price: 79 Kč

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