Manufacturer: Vegusto
Palm Oil

No-Moo Piquant - 200 g

Swiss vegan strong cheese alternative (chilled)

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This vegan cheese is one of Vegusto"s most popular - likened to a tangy parmesan or French Gruyere cheese. Grate it over pasta or blend it with herbs for an amazing homemade pesto! Truly cheesy with an edible rind, dare we say that the No-Moo Piquant is the best plant-based cheese available for those who love well-defined flavours. Cheese connoisseurs will be pleasantly surprised. The finest natural ingredients are combined using potato starch, rice flour, rock salt and spices to create the best vegan alternative to cheese yet. Vegusto No-Moo cheeses can be used to convert any conventional recipe into a vegan gourmet meal.
VM_CUSTOMFIELD_SLOZENI-en-GB Water, vegetable oils and fats non-hydrogenated (coconut, sunflower oil), potato starch, yeast, rice flour, nut butter (100% almonds), rock salt, flavouring (vegetable), spices, binder (carrageen), lactic acid (vegetable) 100% natural ingredients
Velikost balení 200 g
Bez lepku Yes
Bez sóji Yes
Bez přidaného cukru Yes
Bez ořechů No
Raw No
Bio No
Bez palmového oleje Yes
Produkt není určen k prodeji Yes
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