Organic Orange Snowman

Organic snowman from rice milk chocolate with...

Sales price: 25 Kč
32 g
In stock 18 pcs.

Veganz Ginger in dark chocolate, Organic

Organic candied ginger covered with fine dark...

Sales price: 49 Kč
60 g
In stock 8 pcs.

Veganz mini spekulatius, organic

Mini vegan spekulatius cookies, organic

Sales price: 49 Kč
150 g
In stock 3 pcs.
Sales price: 54 Kč
50 g
In stock 19 pcs.

Veganz white winter almonds, Organic

Organic blanched almonds in white vegan chocolate.

Sales price: 59 Kč
50 g
In stock 7 pcs.

Raw Vegan Chocolate Flower Power, Organic

Fine vegan chocolate with edible flowers

Sales price: 59 Kč
30 g
In stock 13 pcs.

Activated almonds in raw chocolate, organic

Raw activated almonds covered in chocolated and...

Sales price: 60 Kč
50 g
In stock 11 pcs.

Manner christmas mini wafers

Crispy wafers with hazelnut creme

Sales price: 69 Kč
150 g
In stock 9 pcs.

Gingerbread with sour cherry, Bio

Aromatic ginger bread filled with sweet-sour...

Sales price: 115 Kč
165 g
In stock 2 pcs.

Veganz Chocolate Covered Gingerbread, Bio

Aromatic ginger bread covered in dark chocolate

Sales price: 115 Kč
175 g
In stock 1 pcs.

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