Palm Oil

OOOMEGA flax seed drink macchiato - 1000 ml

Plant based milk with flax seed oil

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This flax drink is something special for coffee lovers. They"ve added a pleasant coffee twist to the sweetened flax drink and it ended up really well. Get one for yourself and make sure that it"s as tasty as we"ve said. It does not contain coffee, so you will enjoy a caffeine free drink.
OOOMEGA flax drink macchiato is rich in Omega 3 (ALA) essential acids and other important nutrients such as calcium, vitamin K, D2 and B12.

Concepts for Health BV is a new company that was founded in 2016 in the Netherlands. They are on a mission to bring you the healthiest and 100% plantbased products. They are committed to using only the finest all-natural ingredients, harvested using sustainable agricultural methods because they respect the Earth and all who share it.
They think they’ve made a great start by bringing you the first OOOMEGA 100% plantbased flax drink. Not only does OOOMEGA Flax drink have a fantastic flavour but it’s packed with health giving ingredients – vitamins for healthy bones and teeth, flax seed oil for omega 3.
The delicious goodness of Original, Original Sweetened and Macchiato OOOMEGA Flax drinks means that substitution never again has to mean compromise.
VM_CUSTOMFIELD_SLOZENI-en-GB Ingredients: water, flaxseed oil 9% (10% concentrate), sugar, pea protein, tricalcium phosphate, emulsifier: rapeseed lecithin, salt, stabilizers: xanthan gum, guar gum, gellan gum, flavourings, vitamin k, vitamin D2, vitamin B12, color additive: caramel.
The expiry date is on the top of the package. Once you open it, store in fridge and consume withing a week.
Velikost balení 1000 ml
Bez lepku Yes
Bez sóji Yes
Bez přidaného cukru No
Bez ořechů Yes
Raw No
Bio No
Bez palmového oleje Yes
Produkt není určen k prodeji Yes
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