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Bedda vegan meat salad - Chlazené
Bedda vegan meat salad image
Palm Oil

Bedda vegan meat salad - 150 g

Salad with vegan sausage and vegan mayonnaise
Sales price: 69 Kč
Sales price without tax: 60 Kč
Tax amount: 9 Kč
Price / 100 g: 46 Kč
Out of stock
Product Availability:Na objednávku
Meat salad now available in vegan version! Vegan mayonnaise-based salad with pieces of vegan sausage and gherkins.
It satisfies your hunger after a long workday and works great as a small snack for a picnic with friends.
Bedda vegan meat salad is gluten-free, soy-free and palm oil free and does not contain any animal products..
VM_CUSTOMFIELD_SLOZENI-en-GB Vegan sausage (33,4%) (water, rapeseed oil, potato protein, pea protein, thickening agent [carragenan, xanthan], sea salt, sugar, spices, coloring agent (paprika oleoresin)), rapeseed oil, water, gherkins (16,6%), brandy vinegar, modified starch, sugar, MUSTARD SEEDS, salt, spices, potato protein, pea protein, thickening agent (guar gum, xanthan, tara gum).
Velikost balení 150 g
Bez lepku Yes
Bez sóji Yes
Bez přidaného cukru No
Bez ořechů Yes
Raw No
Bio No
Bez palmového oleje Yes
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