Convenience Food

Bedda vegan meat salad

Salad with vegan sausage and vegan mayonnaise

Sales price: 69 Kč
150 g
Out of stock

Veganz Pizza California

Pizza with soy meat, vegetables and vegan cheese...

Sales price: 99 Kč
380 g
In stock 113 pcs.

Marigold braised tofu

Ready to eat and versatile

Sales price: 99 Kč
225 g
In stock 12 pcs.

Veganz Pizza Verdura

Pizza with spinach, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes,...

Sales price: 99 Kč
410 g
In stock 329 pcs.

Vegan wheat tortillas

Wheat tortillas certified as vegan, 30 cm diameter

Sales price: 115 Kč
1620 g
In stock 125 pcs.

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