Food Supplements

SHAKE-IT PROTEIN Banana Maracuja

Gluten-free protein powder mix (40% protein...

Sales price: 35 Kč
35 g
In stock 19 pcs.

SHAKE-IT Choco Bomb

cereal smoothie with raw cocoa

Sales price: 35 Kč
35 g
In stock 15 pcs.

SHAKE-IT Red berries

Fruit-cereal smoothie with proteins & superfoods

Sales price: 35 Kč
35 g
In stock 19 pcs.

Veganz Coconut Sugar, Organic

Organic sugar from coconut flowers, Indonesia.

Sales price: 89 Kč
150 g
In stock 16 pcs.

Veganz Xylitol, Organic

Birch sugar from Finland.

Sales price: 119 Kč
180 g
Out of stock

Coconut oil, Organic

Organic natural coconut oil.

Sales price: 130 Kč
190 g
In stock 3 pcs.
Sales price: 159 Kč
200 g
In stock 5 pcs.

Forky´s Blue spirulina

Sweet water algae - superfood

Sales price: 195 Kč
10 g
In stock 3 pcs.

Veg1 Blackcurrant

Chewable multivitamin tablets with a blackcurrant...

Sales price: 249 Kč
81 g
In stock 42 pcs.

Veg1 Orange

Chewable multivitamin tablets with orange flavor.

Sales price: 249 Kč
81 g
In stock 2 pcs.

Better You Vegan Vitamin D Daily Oral Spray

Plant-based vitamin D3 in spray

Sales price: 289 Kč
15 ml
In stock 5 pcs.

Better You Iron oral spray

Btter You Iron oral spray with apple flavour.

Sales price: 299 Kč
25 ml
In stock 9 pcs.

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